When the Summers Lasted Long

by Jon Nolan

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I recorded this album myself, in a shack (literally, a shack!) shortly after the break up of my long time roots rock band Say ZuZu. ZuZu had been together for over ten years. I didn't exactly know what to do with myself. Shortly after our last three week tour of Europe, I holed up in the old ZuZu practice space. And, with the help of my good pal (and amazing musician/songster) Jabe Beyer, this album came about.

I had a small digital hard disc recorder (roland vs1680), a Mackie board, a couple of mics (2x sm57, one Audio Technica 4050, one D112), a big bag of sunflower seed (and some nasty perfume-y whiskey for Jabe),and a batch of songs.

We had to turn the heater off during recording. The frickin shack had no insulation. It was cold. It was fun. I had never recorded anything before. It was exhilarating, and frightening. I had only recorded in "real" studios. What did I have to lose, though? I was "off the clock." Who cares if it takes me ten hours to get one dang guitar part right? Who cares if we erase and entire song and start from scratch because it doesn't "feel" right? To get to the heart of each song was the only goal. Ideas about who would like/not like it were tossed out. Only honesty mattered. It's hard to do! But somehow, I cultivated that attitude, and I think that why I still dig this record.

I invited some friends to play. They were awesome. There was a tenth song, but my hard disc recorder ate it. Nine songs were cut. Actually, I think it's a better album for it. Like fate had intervened.

In the end, I had a batch of tunes that felt as honest and heartfelt as anything I had ever done. I'm still proud of this record, and I can still listen to it. I sure hope you enjoy it!

Jon Nolan


released May 1, 2005

Produced by Jon Nolan
Recorded by Jon Nolan & Jabe Beyer
Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie @ Camp Street Studios
Mastered by Jay Frigoletto @ Mastersuite



all rights reserved


Jon Nolan Newmarket

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Track Name: So Much
I found a tune in the basement
When I was still my mother's son
Now I'm trying hard not to waste it
Or get bought for a song

'Cause so much is riding on it now, and I can feel it...

They get you buying in a little bit
'Til you're tied up in blues
I'll shop around in my own heart, thank you
Makes it easier to choose

'Cause so much is riding on it now, and I can feel it...

I don't know why I want to stand my ground, or wanna make a sound
Much is still unclear, still it's all that I want my love

'Cause so much is riding on it, it's you and me now...
Track Name: Mary (Won't You Come Along?)
Mary won't you come out tonight?
There's a storm on the rise
And ask your father if we can come
Cause we need to talk

I'm sick of all the worry and waiting
The push and the pull and the false summits fading
I haven't given up on it yet, but I don't want you to quit
And I can see you hesitating...

Mary, won't you come along?

Remember when the summers lasted long?
And it seemed like the sun, it would never set?
Well don't you set the sun down on me now

Sure you trade your innocence for wisdom
And everything is different than it was before
It only makes me need you by me more

Mary won't you come along?

I guess the first thing that comes to mind
Late at night when I wonder what I've left inside
Is what to do if you just close the door
So please don't...

I see the trouble in your eyes
I hear the rumbling in your sighs
Cause there's no guarantees that it'll be alright

Just think of everything in store
But you don't wanna think about it anymore
Don't make that mistake cause I need you today...

Mary won't you come along?
Track Name: Every Morning
It seems this weather just won't break
Whats more is I know what it takes,
to free myself from this cell

And every morning I confess,
the mirror leaves me unimpressed
It's still me. And it's a shame to see it at all

It's like my mind's some kind of slum
A single room and one light bulb
A jaundiced light
Yeah but I feel fine tonight

I should use some kind of excuse
I've used them all to the point of abuse
And it's getting lonely
And I need you only, tonight

I should act more like I'm a man
I do just the best I can
Still I ain't
What you'd call a saint

And every morning it's a shame I look the same
I confess
I confess

Every morning I confess, the mirror leaves me unimpresed...
Track Name: On & On
No sense making up a story
I'm sitting here and feeling sorry
and my heart can't afford to be this broke

Those early mornings, on the front porch
through the screen she'd whisper to me
out of bed, the water is like glass

as far as I remember
there were more smiles than that
sometimes i feel you linger on and on
on and on and on you linger on...

tell me if if i come back
and i find you on the front steps waiting
coud we step into that river twice

as far as i remember
there was more good than bad
sometimes I feel you linger on and on
on and on and on you linger on...

Sometimes I think I shoulda been enough
but you said you never found the diamonds
only the rough...

On and on and on....
Track Name: Waiting
Track Name: Cupboard
Well I'll ask you love, if you have had enough
If I could make some green, a home would suit you well
Spend your life with me
We'll have a family
And I'd lay myself down in your place to keep you well

Sunday blues will drag you through the dust
Happiness ain't seen the last of us

Morning came and wrestled me awake again
And I find the sheets pulled off the corners of the bed
And I know the score cause I been watching you work so hard.
Darlin whatever comes we'll get ahead.

God help me if I break your heart in two
Cause I never have deserved the likes of you

Even with the cupboards bare
It feels more like life with you here

Summer spreads the sunlight all across the porch
through the screen door to the piano across the floor
where all my scribbled lines and worries gather evenly
And when I take a breath
I couldn't ask for more

Even with the cupboards bare
It feels more like life with you here